Me + Macarons = Love


I have taken this brief break from reviews of French restaurants to declare my love for macarons. I realized today, while sampling delicious macarons at Fortnum & Mason, that I have a growing weakness for these light but sweet confectionaries. They are just so fantastic and they come in so many amazing flavors! I cannot rave enough about macarons. Here are a few of my macaron faves:

Ladurée: Of course Ladurée is on the list. How could it not be? Known for their delectable desserts, the macarons at Ladurée are certainly something to experience. I have been fortunate enough to live in close proximity to not one but two Ladurée locations — one in Harrod’s and the other in Covent Garden. It’s a bit of French in a land of Brits. And more recently, the popular brand made the jump overseas to New York, where it shall continue to spread its macaron amazingness. Carry on, Ladurée, carry on.

Sadaharu AOKI: I stumbled upon this patisserie while wandering the streets of Paris towards the Eiffel Tower. Intrigued by the flavors, I could not resist the urge to try a few. I can now attest to the wonderfulness that is Sadaharu AOKI, which serves unique flavors like yuzu macarons (yes, yuzu). Beyond the flavors, the actual macaron is light but rich. Perhaps not on the level of Ladurée but very close, I would say.

L’orichidee: Newly added to the list of darn good macarons is L’orichidee which is located in the recently opened Westfield Mall in Stratford City, London. Per usual, I was walking past L’orichidee when I spotted the macarons and had to backtrack. Four macarons in a cute clear bag later, I was pretty happy. Like the others on the list, L’orichidee features classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate and pistachio, as well as unique flavors such as Earl Grey with chocolate. It only makes sense that a British patisserie has a macaron with Earl Grey in it. Just sayin’.

Café On: This may be controversial considering the other places on this list but Café On is hands down my favorite place for macarons. I first discovered these amazing treats at the Real Food Festival at the Southbank Centre back in April and it’s been a slight obsession ever since. I cannot go to the Southbank Centre and see the Café On stand and not get a macaron, or several. The other places have unique flavors but this place wins when it comes to inventive and creative choices. I’m talking margarita, black sesame with ginger and chocolate ganache, English Breakfast Tea and a slew of other delicious flavors. In fact, I think I will go look for Café On this weekend. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve had their macarons and my obsession won’t let me go too long without them.

This list is a work in progress, as I am always on the hunt for amazing macarons. If you know of any more, please share! This blog is equal macaron opportunity.

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